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Why hire me for your wedding photography, and why not to!

Why would you want to hire me to capture your precious memories? Let's be honest, there are a million wedding photographers out there ready and willing to take your photos at reduced prices. There is also 'Uncle Jim' who has a new camera and won't charge you a penny for your wedding photos. So why me?

With me you get a calm friend who is ready to step in and help to make sure you look your absolute best for every photo.

I'll capture all those important moments you've been dreaming of. My eye for detail and photography experience ensures I will be able to create a set of images that show the joy & love you felt on your wedding day as you were surrounded by your closest family and friends on one of the most important days in your life.

Want lots and lots of posed photos? Want the photographer to spend ages getting everyone lined up perfectly? Well, I'll tell you now - don't book me because I don't do that.

My style is documentary I’m there to document your wedding not only for you and your family and friends but for people that don’t exist yet. Your children, and even your grandchildren, so that 50 years from now all of you can gather around the dining room table to look through your wedding album and they can see the joy and excitement recorded on your faces as you began your new life together.

I don't limit my hours with you - I’ll be there to photograph everything from the nervous anticipation in those getting ready shots to the outpouring of emotions as you exchange your vows and finally the fun as you party into the night.

I capture your day as it unfolds, naturally with discreet photos, never in your face, never with a "hang on, can you all do that again?". Yes, there will always be a need for a few family photos and I always make them fun and quick. This ability comes with confidence and experience, I know exactly what my camera can do, what lighting I need and which lens to use to get that perfect photo quickly and easily.

So, why me? When you hire me, you're not just hiring a person with more expensive equipment (it's more than just a camera and a couple of lenses) than your 'Uncle Jim'. You're hiring someone who knows how to make you look awesome, using an artistic eye, an ability to put everyone at ease, and the technical skill to give you amazing images that everyone will love. You're hiring someone who can take your vision of yourself and make it into something eye-catching, truthful, and new. If those things don't matter to you, phone 'Uncle Jim' immediately!

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